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Who We Are

“A good decision today can make your career better tomorrow.”

SCHOLAR TALKS is an education management company which was established in 2014 to provide professional counseling services to students. The world is changing rapidly than ever before and so are the career options, unlike the past when there were only a few lucrative options. Today there are number of influencer’s ranging in the family when it comes to choosing a student’s career/course choice including any means of media which makes the student confused of WHAT TO DO AFTER 12th, from where and why? We the team of SCHOLAR TALKS assure the resolution to this confusion. We believe that education and career decisions are too important to leave on chance. So, we provide online offline solutions for candidates for career related decisions and ensure candidates have access to the best tools and independent expert information before making a decision.

We provide an outsider’s expert objective view on your family’s college investment and ensure end services to the students registering with us. We inspire students to take charge of their own college/course while learning how to make important life decisions by unique blend of intellect, experienced and expertise who have 240 man hours of enriching experience. The team of SCHOLAR TALKS has counseled over 1000 students in a year.

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We the team of SCHOLAR TALKS assure the resolution to this confusion. We believe that education and career decisions are too important to leave on chance.

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Vision is to be recognized as a centre of excellence in the educational field, and to empower our clients with a positive vision to direct students for their future and to inspire individuals to reach to their full potential as well. We provide high quality information per student's personal interest and help our students to gain clarity through quality counseling services.

P recent study shows that over 80% of the people in the workplace felt stressed because of their "career misfits". 65% of the college students surveyed that they wish they had chosen a different field. SCHOLAR TALKS brings out inherent talents, natural abilities and personality traits of the young minds registering with us. When students focus on our SCHOLAR TALKS MODULE they experience a strong personal vision by reduced stress, decreased burnout and receive the highest level of satisfaction and mental balance which makes their college search more effective and manageable. We provide insights into potential careers and job prospects with your degree, as well as information and advice on how to increase your future employability. Along this, we assist in providing the road map to choose the career and ensure the requirements to it.

Mission is to empower students to make lifelong, responsible and meaningful choices in a global and dynamic world and connecting students' interests, values, skills and personality with the world of work, and aiding development of students' interests by exploring various courses and careers, to encourage students to test their ideas with internships, informational interviews.

We aimed at assisting students implementation of decisions by learning how to conduct a job search or plan for graduate or professional school and Informing students about the University's employment assistance services as well



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