You must have heard a lot about career guidance and career counseling kind of things as you have passed your 12th now. You can find many counselors also to give you the guidance on career. They offer amazing services to help you in choosing the best career option. But how about a book that is full of information and guidelines to help you at that? It’s not as strange as it sounds.

The book, ‘What to do after 12th?’

A complete career guide book, ‘What to do after 12th?’ is written by renowned career counselor Harsh Malik and was launched by hon. Chief minister Shri. Akhilesh Yadav. This book is becoming popular for its incredible content on career making. It’s a one stop solution for you to get help from, when you are about to make the most important decision of your life.

harsh malik

You can get the benefits of the vast information it provides that helps in making the right career decision.

Who is Harsh Malik?

Harsh Malik is a leading career counselor and a sought after motivational speaker of our times. With his practical and out of the box approach, he has inspired thousands of students in his seminars and still counting. His venture Scholar Talks is a fast growing education management company which is reaching new heights of popularity in the field of career counseling.

What Does the Book Provide?

The book includes-

1. The list of all the popular state, central and deemed universities to get the degree. It gives you a wide array to choose the best one from.

2. The popular entrance exams that you can opt to pursue after passing 12th.

3. The professional courses which are highly paid and popular, these days.

4. The valuable information on various scholarships that are provided by the different organizations, that can help you finance your studies. There are students who are unaware about these scholarships and at times the deserving students also miss on it just because of lack of information. This book keeps you well-informed about it.

5. The details of the various economic educational loans provided by various banks. The list of these banks is provided.

6. The crucial information about the requirements to study abroad is also included for the students who aspire to study in other countries. These details include the best countries for abroad study after 12, the top courses they provide and the types of visas offered by the governments of these countries.

7. Apart from the details above, you can also get a thorough knowledge about the eligibility criteria for various entrance exams and courses. The important insights about the course duration are also included.

How can the Book help you?

If you are a career centric student and have serious goals about your career then this book can transform your life. The in-depth details provided in the book give you enormous benefits while choosing the right course. Keeping your interest and capabilities in mind, you can choose the best university and the best entrance exam to pursue. For the students who cannot pursue expensive courses or don’t have any finances to study further, can get the help of scholarships which are mentioned thoroughly in the book. If you want to opt for abroad studies or some professional course, you can also get help from the various educational loans that are listed in the book, which are easy and economical.

How can you get the book?

The book is available on various portals. You can order your copy from.

1. Scholar Talks
2. Or call us at- +91-9045004461