If you have landed here, you must have career related issues that needs to be answered. Need not to worry. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

To choose a right career option after 12th, is a task that must be occupying most of your time now. Lots of time, energies and efforts go into it, we all know. How about a few tips to help you with that?

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We have brought to you some help that can really save your time and efforts. Have a look, In order to make a right career choice ask yourself.

1. What are you best at or is there any particular activity you love to do?

When you will try to find out the answer of this question you will do some soul searching. You need not to sweat it out. Just think about things that you can do for hours together. That can be some sports, abroad study after 12th or painting, writing, reading or designing may be. This exercise will help you to know what kind of career will give you a job satisfaction later. For instance, if you like to write, you can look out rewarding career options in writing field. There are courses after 12th for creative writing, translation / interpretation, journalism, content writing etc.

2. What is the job that suits your personality the best?

Everyone has a different or special streak in their personality that can make them desirable for specific jobs. For example if you are a shy and reserved person by nature the quieter work environment will work for you. Likewise the loud and noisy sales or marketing career cannot serve you good. Or a career that involves public speaking or constant interaction with clients might not work that good for you. So you need to think of a career that should suit your personality type, too.

3. Know what kind of style of living you want for yourself?

By lifestyle we don’t mean the luxuries of it. With the style of living we mean the daily life that you choose for yourself. There are people who love to work in the shifts every day. They love to wake up whole night and work. There are also people who want a perfect 9 To 5 job and are comfortable doing that for rest of their life. Also comes a category of people who want to rise with the time, accept challenges and are very cautious for the promotions. You need to find out where you fit amongst these and then make a well-thought career choice or scholarship. See and check if your career option provides you kind of job you imagine yourself doing.

4. Where do you want to stay?

It’s a very important question that can help you in your career making. There are careers that bring this question so it’s better to think about it and eliminate the options that cannot meet your purpose. For example, if you want to work as a fashion designer, you need to be living in a metropolitan city that gives you variety of options to choose from and a better scope in the field. Suppose if you want to live in quieter suburbs and the hold a job or in Public Relations or fashion designing, there is not much scope of such work profiles in a small city. You would need to move out to a bigger one. So you need to think on those lines too.

5. Are you fascinated or is it a well thought and well informed career choice for you?

You need to do some self introspection that you are not just attracted to a specific career. Because in that case, chances are that you will end up unhappy in your job.

The motive is not to discourage you but to tell you the importance of a well-thought decision making. Under the fascination of certain course or career you generally ignore the Pros and Cons of it. A job of a PR or Air Hostess or in Aviation is luring. But you need to find out if you are made for them. If you imagine doing it for rest of your life then go for it. But if not, this can cost you a lot of money and time. So don’t make the career decision under any fascination or influence or know about educational loan.

We understand how important it is for you, to decide the right thing. But we want you to decide the right thing, at the right time. For more about Harsh Malik.