The scholar talk’s internship program provides an effective platform to the students, clients, to engage in promoting the services of our educational management company. Also, you can get a chance to develop valuable mentorship through the guidance of experienced employees of the company.

  • Who can apply?

To be eligible for scholar talk’s internship, you must:
Complete your +12
Have remarkable convincing skills.

  • How to apply?

The interested candidates may login to scholar talks and register for an online interview or can go for an office and college recruitment procedure.

  • Duration:

      Maximum 45 days

  • Stipend:

    You will have to pay 1100/-Rs for the promotional kit where 500 will be the security which is refundable at the first place.

  • Certification:

    Scholar talks provides a certificate of the internship program to the closed candidates who complete the set target of minimum 10 promotional kits in the given duration of the course.

  • Commission slab:

    The commission slab for the internship program are as under:

      45% of the Scholar Talks kit.

  • Benefit:

    The candidate who excels in the internship program gets the certification along with an appointment letter from scholar talks welcoming them to join our company as a sales manager in their zone where they report to the sales head as an active employee on a salary up to 20- 50k according to their performance.