Scholarship after 12th, Do you want to pursue your further studies for free?

If yes, then we have the exact solution that is most rewarding yet least explored by students like you. Have you heard of Scholarship after 12? Of course you have, but do you actually know that you can fund your higher studies with these easy scholarships provided by various organizations in India?

Well that is true. Students amongst you, who are going through a financial trouble to fund the studies further, can reap the unmatched benefits of the financial aid called Scholarship. Let’s find out more about it.

What are Scholarships?

Scholarship is a financial aid or a grant provided to the student, for further studies. Its aim is to help and support the students who have extra-ordinary talent but cannot fund their studies. In order to continue their studies, there are students who genuinely seek financial help, so for them scholarship serves as a boon.

Unfortunately, students in India are not much aware about the aspects related to scholarship just because of lack of information and thus they end up paying for the courses after 12th, for which they are eligible to use the scholarships.

The education system in India Provides main three subject stream i.e. Science, commerce and Arts, under which there is a wide array of career courses. These can be Engineering, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS), LAW, Management Courses, Hotel Management, animation, Journalism, Fashion Designing, etc.

It’s not affordable for everyone to pursue these courses without a financial aid. Scholarships come as a savior in such scenarios and some career guidance tips by Harsh Malik.

There are certain types of scholarship in India for the students in need of it.

What Are the Types of Scholarships in India- The various types of scholarships are based upon various aspects, like-

1. Academic Performance
2. Means cum Merit based
3. Financial Need
4. Performance Scholarship
5. Sports Achievement
6. Minority Scholarship
7. Disability or any Illness (There are multiple types if disabilities for which the scholarship can be applied)
8. Cultural Talent like, dance, Music, painting etc.
9. Community Affiliations
10. Others

Did you know there are special scholarships for girls too.

Other than above mentioned, there are some special types of scholarships that can reap you huge benefits. Like:

1. Bravery Scholarship
2. Military Scholarship
3. Single girl Child scholarship
4. 3rd child scholarship

Above mentioned are some categories of scholarships after 12th that are granted by various governmental and private organizations. If you fall in any of these categories, you deserve to seek financial aid in the form of a scholarship.

The question that comes next into your mind is who grants it? That is what we are going to discuss next here.

Who gives these Scholarships-

There are many organizations, government & private who provide these scholarships for students after 12th. They are:

1. Charitable Foundations or NGOs
2. Central Government
3. State Government
4. Schools, colleges and Universities
5. Corporate and the business venues
6. Religious Groups
7. Employers
8. Philanthropists or individuals
9. Professional Associations
10. Others

With so many venues that can help you to gain useful scholarships you can apply for it.

Why are Scholarships Important-

Scholarships are important on many levels. Not only does it provides the means to needy students but also helps the whole community to grow and prosper. A country cannot sustain for long if the students are not able to get the education that they want to pursue to make their life better. And of course, if they are able to do it with such useful financial aid, it’s going to be in advantageous for the whole community also you can choose the best career tips by Harsh Malik.

In these times the course fee and the tuition fees are rising and to meet up the requirement the students are either taking up study loans or taking up part time jobs to make both the ends meet. In such scenario, scholarship is an opportunity that enables you to ease up the burden and move ahead with your studies.

Now if you wish to apply for it after 10+2 or in later years, we can tell you how.

There are certain entrance exams that are announced for the students who wish to apply for scholarships. They are:

1. National Scholarship Exam ( NSE)
2. All India Scholarship Entrance Examination (AISEE)
3. Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST)

Other than these there are many other entrance exams or schemes that make you qualified to obtain the scholarship.

Another question that pops up in mind while going through the scholarships available after 12, is how about abroad study after 12th.

Can I get a Scholarship to Study Abroad-

Well, the good news is almost every country which is famous and sought after by Indian students provides study abroad scholarships. Be it, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, UK, US etc. all of them provide scholarships for Indian students. You can apply for scholarships and can fund your abroad studies, easily.

The Book ‘what to do after 12th’ written by a renowned career counsellor Harsh Malik can give you all the details about scholarships in India and abroad.

Let us now have a look on various important aspects that are highly recommended for you to know before you apply for a scholarship. If you will not be aware about these aspects, you might just lose your chance to get the ever so required financial aid.

Here are some points to consider before applying for a scholarship

1. Scholarship amount and its Duration- How much amount is granted through the scholarship is the most important part because that will help you to plan out your expenses accordingly. You also need to gather the information about the duration, as in, for how long are you going to get the scholarships. In many cases the duration is extended also, based upon the performance of the candidate.

To apply for these scholarships, there are entrance exams after 12th designed to give a fair chance of winning the scholarships, to every student. But it has its requirements.

2. The eligibility Criteria- Every exam has eligibility criteria that are announced by the administering institution. Scholarship entrance exams are no exception. You have to meet the eligibility requirements to appear for it. These requirements may differ in different exams. Like NSE asks for SSC/ICSE/CBSE board from 5th to 12th standard. This is just one example, but there are other criteria also announced by administering body that you should be updated about, before applying for it.

Next comes the application process.

3. Application Process- The organizations announce the date of registration and submission of forms. These registrations are generally done online and a system generated registration number is given to the student. You need to keep this registration number handy for any future reference. It’s better to take a print out of it and keep the print for later reference.

4. Important Dates- There are important dates attached to these entrance exams for scholarships. These dates gives you an idea about –

A. Commencement of Online registration
B. Date to download the admission card
C. The date of entrance exam
D. Date of declaration of the result
E. Allotment of the seat for the exam by personal Appearance

5. The Exam Pattern for Scholarship Entrance Exam Test- The examination pattern tells you about the kind of question paper you are going to get. Total number of questions, syllabus, total marks, exam duration etc is included in the pattern of exam. You need to be aware of such small details that matter a lot, once you appear for the test.

6. Application Fee- The fee of the exam differs. A small amount is taken as application fee when you fill up the form. There is also a concept of late fees in some cases, when extra amount is charged due to a delay in applying for it. A demand draft, check or an online transaction can be the mode of payment.

7. Documents Required- You need to have your documents ready to be shown or submitted at the time of applying for the scholarship. These documents can be the print out of your online scholarship registration form, photo ID or school or college ID card or Bonafide, online payment transaction receipt etc.

8. Age Limit- Minimum of 15 years and maximum of 30 years is the age limit for applying for most of the scholarships but this figure may differ. You need to keep that in mind too.

9. Exam Center- The hall ticket will carry the information of your exam center and the seat number allotted to you. This is important information that can save lots of time and energy. The list of all the test centers in India is also announced before the exam.

10. The Number of Seats and Reservation- There are a particular number of seats that are allotted to students for the tests. Out of these the reserved seats for SC/ST/OBC and other categories, are also announced prior to the exam. You need to keep the track of this information to stay ahead.

11. Mode of Exam- You also need to know the mode of exam before applying for it. These exams can be online as well as offline. In case of an online exam, the hall-ticket contains your user ID and password.

All the essential topics mentioned here are elaborated in great detail in the book ‘what to do after 12th?’ which you can refer to.

A good way to find out, about such essential topics is through career counselling. More students are getting inclined towards career counselling these days, because through this process a student can know more about the essentials of career making. Apart from scholar ship, educational loans, details on abroad studies, entrance exams, best professional courses, are other essential factors.

Scholarships are a boon to the students who are in need of funds and to the community that flourishes with empowered and liberated students of its own.