School Connect


If you are associated to any Senior Secondary Educational Institute and looking for something new to add up in your current services, as an additional benchmark of being quality information providers, then here is something just for you. SCHOLAR TALKS helps you providing that quality information regarding those different aspects, which SCHOLAR TALKS works for and helps you in keeping all your students updated and well informed during their secondary education which aids them to utilize their complete time for board’s preparation and enable them to be pro-active for their Higher Education.

It has been observed that many students are left confused after completing their secondary education on which course should they opt? Which course will actually help them getting high salary package in future? How they can avail scholarships? To know “Is Abroad Study really that costly as much it sounds”? Which different Entrance Exams they need to qualify to get in connect with a good university? Which bank’s education loan will be lucrative for them?

So here, To make all your students unlike other, we’ll help you by our SCHOOL CONNECT program, wherein either you can associate us by being a SCHOOL LIBRARY PARTNERS or SUPERFINE SCHOOL CONNECT, wherein using SLP – we’ll help you keeping a minimum slot of books as per your requirement in concerned school library by offering you some additional perks. And in SSC – we’ll help you issuing our book to all the students along with an additional updating facility with our newsletter plan on a sufficient rate.

How To Connect:-

Drop your details in the given visitor’s information popup. Our Support Team Head will get in contact with you once we receive your details. For information regarding the Terms & Condition, download the PDF file of T&C.