Why Do We Need Effective Career Counselling in India?

India being the biggest democratic country, every citizen has a right to exercise his or her freedom in speech, expression, association, movement, residence and to practice any profession or occupation of their choice. However, the reality paints a different picture.

Peer pressure and domestic manipulation often play a subtle (if not downright noticeable) influence in the career choices of students. Every month we receive hundreds of emails from both parents and students describing how they are unable to find a common ground on the career decision platform. The main dilemma lies in the fact that the parents wish to see their kids in traditional successful professions like medicine or chartered accountants whereas students wish to walk on the road less travelled and pursue unconventional jobs like that of an event organiser or choreographer.

Here is where the career counsellor appears in the picture. A career coach would help you

  • Pick a vocation according to your interests keeping in mind your abilities, strengths and values.
  • Assist you in course selection.
  • Guide you along the admission procedures of various Universities.
  • Assist in applying for and acquiring student loan.

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Professional Career Counselor in India

As soon as one finishes school, there is a whole lot of free advice thrown their way. From pesky relatives to snoopy neighbours, everybody is ready to provide us with a piece of their mind about what they think student should pursue as his/her future occupation. While the student may not pay any heed to such unsubstantial advice, most of the parents do. And this becomes the cause of general trifle between the duos.

Professional career advice can in no way replace the wisdom and experience of the concerned family members and relatives but it can inform and mentor you along the latest information concerning the various career and higher education options available to one after bidding goodbye to their alma mater.

These professional experts have considerable experience in the field of student counselling and are proficient in providing useful insights into the latest admission and selection procedures implemented by various universities for different courses.

Students get a chance of individual guidance and assistance in determining a career goal for themselves according to their natural abilities, interests and strengths. These sessions and seminars are a wonderful opportunity for both the students and parents to come together and clear their doubts regarding diverse career choices one can pursue after completing their 12th grade.

Professional advice is also beneficial for pupils who wish to sit the competitive entrance examinations for admission to professional courses throughout the country. Scholar Talks is a reputed career counsel authority of India, helping students achieve their professional and career goals both in India and abroad. Contact our team for further assistance.

How to Be Practically Skilled While Studying?

If you are already pursuing your degree and you are convinced that this is the path you want to follow in your future career, there are some steps you can undertake in order to make sure you’ll be a competitive candidate on the employment market. Apart from academic excellence it is important to show your future employer that you have practical experience in the field. What can you do as a student to get it?

1) Internships

Take as much internship as possible. Not only those required by your university, but also any opportunity or free time activity you get. Some of the companies might even offer paid part-time or summer positions, so it can also be a good way to earn money. To find such a position, consult your university’s career center, search numerous websites with available positions and don’t forget to just ask around (your friend or relative might know about a position that is just right for you).

Just like doing an internship, volunteering is beneficial for your resume and does not require full time commitment, so it can easily be done while you’re still studying. As volunteer work involves helping others, it also brings a great sense of self-fulfillment.

2) Freelancing

Freelancing is possibly the easiest option on the list. With all the internet resources currently available, it is no longer necessary to sit in an office in order to perform a job. All that you need is a computer with internet access, some free time and desire to dedicate it to developing your skills. Some professions, such as designers, programmers, writers, journalists and so on, can benefit greatly from these types of jobs by improving their professional portfolio.

3) Working in the university

A lot of universities also offer positions for their best students. This can include vacancies in the student union, membership to various student organizations such as AIESEC or AEGEE, teaching assistantships, etc.

Seek out any of these opportunities and more, and develop a diverse skill set that will impress even the most demanding employers.