India being the biggest democratic country, every citizen has a right to exercise his or her freedom in speech, expression, association, movement, residence and to practice any profession or occupation of their choice. However, the reality paints a different picture.

Peer pressure and domestic manipulation often play a subtle (if not downright noticeable) influence in the career choices of students. Every month we receive hundreds of emails from both parents and students describing how they are unable to find a common ground on the career decision platform. The main dilemma lies in the fact that the parents wish to see their kids in traditional successful professions like medicine or chartered accountants whereas students wish to walk on the road less travelled and pursue unconventional jobs like that of an event organiser or choreographer.

Here is where the career counsellor appears in the picture. A career coach would help you

  • Pick a vocation according to your interests keeping in mind your abilities, strengths and values.
  • Assist you in course selection.
  • Guide you along the admission procedures of various Universities.
  • Assist in applying for and acquiring student loan.

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